Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wellness check

Much scare....
Maggie recently had her wellness checkup at a clinic in Burlingame (technically San Mateo). This was her first time at this clinic as we used to go to vets in San Francisco when we lived there. Choosing a veterinarian is just as difficult as finding a PP for yourself (or a pediatrician for your kid). The only information you have to go by are the vet's bio on their website and Yelp. All we can know are their educational background, training and history and you know how biased and unreasonable some of those Yelp reviews can be....

I wasn't 100% confident that I was choosing the right vet but I went with my gut feeling. I am noticing that Maggie is slowing down a bit lately and just wanted to see where she was at with her health. As far as I can see, she is eating/pooping well, sleeping a lot, and being indifferent towards life (unless she is on a hike or a walk).

This being Maggie's first time at this clinic, she didn't seem nervous or scared in the waiting room. Back in SF SPCA days, as soon as we would walk into the waiting room, she would start panting and shaking a bit. Of course, she hadn't realized this was another checkup so she sat patiently under the chair and waited for her turn. However, as soon as we were called into the examining room and was placed on the table, she began to show some signs of nervousness.

Our new veterinarian was a very nice lady and she examined Maggie's vitals and extremities (including her horrible teeth) and stated that she was in good health and her slowing down was typical of dogs her age. Only thing she recommended was that I continue brushing her teeth daily and to update her bordetella.

Since we were new patients we got 15% off of our first checkup and walked out of the clinic healthy and happy. I can talk about the cost of dog ownership in the Bay Area in another post. The annual wellness checkup is necessary and inevitable cost to ensure the health of my baby.

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