Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today was unusually hot in the Bay Area. I took Maggie for a long walk under the hot sun so I decided to treat her to something cool on the way back. It's called yöghund, 100% organic frozen yogurt for dogs. I got the Blueberry & Vanilla Bean flavor. She seemed to like it at first, but didn't go crazy over it. Looked good enough for humans to eat, but I didn't try it.

There will not be too many hot days like this here so better enjoy while you can!


  1. Bay Area dogs are so spoiled. =)

  2. Thank you for giving Maggie Yoghund! I am sorry to hear that she wasn't wild about our Blueberry & Vanilla Bean flavor but did you know we have three other flavors? We'd love to send you some coupons to let Maggie taste test the others too. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Sarah from Yoghund (email

  3. I wish they had that on the east coast!