Thursday, July 26, 2012

The don't leave me at home look

Mobile entry

It makes sense to go mobile. Don't want to fall behind this mobile age...

This was parked at Esprit park last night on our walk.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maggie gets teased

The queen of manipulation

Maggie always lets us know:

 When she's having the time of her life at the beach or;

When she's at home bored out of her mind.

I always give in to her expressions and end up taking her somewhere fun or giving her a treat. 
Dogs have got it down.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Camping

This past weekend we camped with Maggie at Lake Chabot Regional Park in Castro Valley, CA.
It was a beautiful place with lush green trees and Eucalyptus everywhere. It was a perfect getaway; not too far or too close to the city.

Maggie volunteered to keep watch around our campground. She was extremely vigilant the whole time and woofed at other campers and at wild turkeys roaming in the area. It seems that everytime we are out camping, Maggie cannot relax like she does at home. We think that she didn't even enjoy her barbequed chicken because she was so busy keeping watch.

"Must keep watch at all times."

We also went on a long hike along the lake. It was a hot day so it was difficult for Maggie to keep up with us. Somehow she managed to do the whole hike which was about a total of 6 miles.

Hiking around Lake Chabot

The next day, we decided to go on a row boat (like the time in Yosemite) at the lake. Maggie was pretty much scared the whole time, sitting on our laps shaking and panting uncontrollably. She gladly got off the boat as soon as we embarked.... I guess it's not the same as playing around the shore.

"What an ordeal. I'm never getting back on that boat again."
It was a short but a fun camping trip, and Maggie is now glad to be home. I'm sure we'll do this again next year or maybe even sooner. Minus the boat ride.

All tuckered out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homemade Dog Food

Lately I have been thinking of ways to make meal time a little more interesting for Maggie. Being a Shiba, she seems to get bored easily. I usually feed her kibble in the morning and raw at night. She seems to be doing very well on this diet, but she always has this look on her face like, "Is that it?"

Today I decided to make some home made treats. She usually gets dry, crunchy things like cheese biscuits and jerky-type snacks. I found many dog biscuit recipes online but they all call for flour and some kind of oil, both of which dogs do not need in their diet. I decided to concoct my own recipe with ingredients at hand.

I took some freeze-dried chicken giblets and dried cheese and ground them to a relatively fine powder in the food processor. To that I mixed about a 1/4 c. of Sojos (dehydrated vegetable mix), an egg, a bit of water and a bit of soy powder. And then I just formed them into little discs and baked them off for about 15 min. Voila!

The consistency turned out to be not like a cookie or biscuit, but rather a hard, dense muffin. lol.
I'm not sure how particular dogs are about mouthfeel, but this treat is wheat-free, all-natural, high-protein, and probably delicious! You can add your own flavoring or supplements too, if your dog needs them.

Maggie practicing her "WAIT".
If you think about how short a dog's life is, you want your dog to enjoy life like the rest of us. Eating is definitely up there on the list of dog's life's pleasures. 
I will post more recipes as I (and Maggie) try them out.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pet Peeves (with regarding to dogs)

I have a few pet peeves that I would like to share. I'm sure many of you share the same peeves as I do. It's more like a rant, actually.

1. Dog owners not picking up poop. Let's face it. If you're going to have a dog, the poop pickup is part of owning a dog. No exception.
(except maybe if your dog poop is really runny and decides to do it in a bunch of tall grass)
 I can't stand how every corner of San Francisco is littered with dog poop. (some human too!!)

2. Dogs sticking their head out of a car in motion. It looks truly fun for the dog, but it can be quite dangerous for both the dog and the driver. Cell phone drivers also drive me nuts, but you're not really doing your dog a favor by putting it in danger. If you must, have someone in the passenger seat restrain the dog while it sticks its head out the window. Simple.

3. Dog owners getting sooo upset after a bit of scuffle at the dog park. Another fact of life. Dogs get into arguments, just like humans. If you are so upset by even the slightest possibility that another dog may attack your dog, keep it out of dog parks. Dogs that attack other dogs must be controlled but that is not to say that your dog may become aggressive if instigated by another dog. I know, because Maggie gets a little feisty when a dog she doesn't like attempts to dominate her.

4. "Dog Biscuits" sold at Petco. There are doggie treat bars near the cash register at Petco that sell human cookies made to look like they are for dogs. I read the ingredients list and it contains everything that a creme cookie for humans would. Sugar, flour, butter, etc. It's like they decided to take some old cookies that people didn't buy and sell it to dogs. Not cool. I can assure you this is the way to foster obese pets. Don't even think about buying them!! (unless you're going to eat them)
I'm not even going to start with all the other "junk" pet foods that these stores have to offer.

5. People that bring dogs into stores that are clearly not for pets and those who have bogus "service dog" dogs. It really irks me to see people with their chihuahuas inside Safeway or Walgreen's. Your dog does not belong in these places. It isn't really their fault that they were able to get a "service dog" status for their chihuahuas or shi tzus, but you know it's BS and they know it too. Don't abuse privileges for people that actually need dogs to live their lives.

Maggie says: "Follow the Rules."

I believe people do not have the right to own dogs if they cannot follow such simple rules. And if you can't even follow these rules, I say don't even think about having kids!!!
This is not really directed to the reader (you), but I hope that one day people will grow a brain and realize this since I see so much of this going on everyday, everywhere.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy pups

Maggie and ChiChi are Esprit Park regulars.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Maggie's 4th of July

How was everyone's 4th of July? Maggie and family spent it at Del Valle Regional Park near Livermore, CA. It was close to 30 degrees hotter than what we are used to in SF and it actually felt like summer!! This was a perfect place for Maggie since the water was shallow and warm enough for her to splash around in.

 For Maggie, the main fun was diving into the Lake after a grueling hike under the sun in the arid valley. This time, we didn't even have to coax her into the lake; she just went trotting into the water on her own. She had so much fun fetching the ball and even swimming a little bit. She seems to be a bit weary swimming in the deeper waters, but she now knows she can swim! (and use her tail as a keel)

"Should I get those ducks or the ball...?"

"Who knew playing in the water would be this much fun?!"

Maggie resting in the shade after a swim.
Dogs are so much fun to be with outdoors in the summertime, wouldn't you agree?