Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Foraging in the Forest

Yesterday we went mushroom foraging in Oakland Hills. The forest is so beautiful this time of year with so much color, smell and sounds. Maggie had lots of fun running around the trails at Lake Chabot Regional Park. She saw lots of pup pals there so she's hoping her parents will take her there again soon...


  1. Wow, impressive array of mushrooms! Are you a mushroom expert? Can you eat those? Do you know if any of them are poisonous to dogs? I ask because I've seen so many mushrooms pop up at some of our local parks, and they make me a little paranoid...

  2. I am not a mushroom expert. I went with a group of people who have gone foraging before with a pocket guide to mushrooms. A surprising number of them are edible. Stay away from the colorful and strange looking ones! Maggie took a few bites of the chantrelles and spat them out.