Monday, March 5, 2012

No Ball?

 Maggie: "Your owner won't let you play ball?"
Black dog: "No, but your owner is welcome to throw the ball I put in front of her."

 Maggie met a dog whose owner had put this unfortunate sign on him: NO BALL PLEASE.

It was another fun day at Fort Funston.


  1. Looks like nice play to walk!

    Maggie walks pretty well off leash huh?

    Saya does too I'm working so she'll come when distracted by a leaf blowing in the wind so far she is doing good she coming when called lot better and I reward her with a treat and I tell her to go get it which she continues her leaf chase till I call her again. :)

    I don't mind her chasing a leaf, but I want her to know she needs to come no matter what even with fun things like moving items. Just in case she needs to come. hehe

    I'm lucky how good she is.

  2. Aww...another Shiba in the Bay Area! You should follow Zuko on Twitter: @demondogsports - he's dying to meet up at Ft. Funston with other Shibas!