Friday, April 30, 2010

Cream Shiba Goji

I was walking Maggie around our neighborhood streets yesterday and I see a shiba waiting outside a grocery store all by herself! Her leash was tied to a bar, but come on! You can't trust a shiba alone outside because:
a) someone will steal the cute little dog because people steal anything and everything ALL the time here; and
b) shiba's can get feisty and loosen it's own leash somehow. You do not want a shiba on the loose!

I walked over to the pup with Maggie, and was delighted to see that they were practically same in size. I let Maggie and who I later learned was Goji sniff each other to get acquainted. Goji looked a bit nervous so I told Maggie to keep her company while she waited for her owner to come out. I was also worried that someone might snatch Goji... I know I won't be able to leave Maggie outside by herself! Goji didn't seem to care much to play until her owner came out. She got excited and that excited Maggie and they were wrestling each other, it was too cute. Nice meeting you Goji!

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