Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mini Shiba?

Now that we are getting out and about, people who come across Maggie have asked on more than one occasion, "Is she a Shiba? She has unusual markings for a Shiba....She's the smallest Shiba I've ever seen...Her ears are smaller than most Shiba's...She's very friendly for a Shiba...etc.''
Maybe Maggie isn't a regular Shiba. She might be a Mame-Shiba (mini). I don't really know but she seems to me like a Shiba with great qualities. Oh, she hates baths like she's supposed to.

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  1. She's not that unusual actually :) My shiba is really small too and the breeder where I got her from showed me pictures of other puppies they had and there were quite a number of puppies that had colors like maggy :)

    In this litter there were two with unusual markings :)

    Maggie really is a cutie pie :)

    (Oh and my puppy is Nomi from the N litter ;))