Sunday, May 6, 2012

Maggie the Water Dog

Maggie braving the chilly water to retrieve her ball.

Maggie had the time of her life this weekend at two of her favorite San Francisco spots, Crissy Field Beach and Fort Funston!!  We had no idea until just recently that Maggie actually LOVES to play in the water! This was such a surprise to us, seeing how she usually acts during bath time or during walks in the rain. She was so stoked about retrieving the ball that we threw right into the water, that she kept bringing it to us over and over again. We really couldn't believe our eyes that our dog Maggie was getting in the water voluntarily and thoroughly enjoying it. I am sure the last two days were the happiest days of Maggie's life. She is out like a log on the couch now....


  1. Does Maggie swim in the ocean? My shiba is extremely afraid of the waves and only swims in lakes and ponds.

    1. Hi Ula,
      Maggie just recently learned that playing in the water is FUN!! She's afraid to swim and submerge her body in the water. If we take her to a spot where the water is calm and shallow, she will go right in. When she was a puppy, she absolutely hated water.