Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mendocino Getaway

We took a road trip up to Mendocino this weekend. About 3 and a half hours drive from San Francisco, it was very scenic and the weather was just perfect. Maggie was pretty happy about being able to ride in the front seat (she usually rides in the back with the harness latched onto the car), and stick her nose out the window. The air was sooo fresh!!

Road to Mendocino.
So excited to ride shotgun.

She also had fun running along different beaches and hiking paths. Now that she knows she loves to play in and around water, she would urge us to throw the ball for her into the water. We lost her tennis ball at one of the beaches because we threw it too far and she was too scared to swim.

"I can get this ball!"
"Nope... too deep."
"I think I can get used to this kinda lifestyle..."
Sun going down @ Glass Beach.

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