Monday, June 4, 2012

Shiba meetup fail

This weekend we took Maggie to Shiba Inu Party 2012 in  Novato, Ca. This was our first Shiba meetup, and we had heard that this was the biggest on the west (read it somewhere online so please don't quote me) so we were pretty excited. Knowing how playful she is with Goji, her white Shiba friend, we thought that Maggie would be delighted to play with other Shibas....

Unfortunately, Maggie wouldn't let any Shiba near her and she bared teeth at any dog that came by. It didn't help that this was at a leash-only dog park. (Maggie can be somewhat leash-aggressive)
We just ended up observing all the Shibas from afar and not participating.

Tora: let's play!!!  Maggie: I don't think so.
Maggie: "please get me out of here..."
All the other Shibas having fun.

So in the end, we ended up taking Maggie to the beach where she had the most fun retrieving tennis balls. *sigh* I guess we will attempt another meetup next time where it's off-leash. On another note, Maggie has been getting some serious play time at the beach. Every time we go, she becomes more brave and goes farther into the ocean.

Maggie: "I much prefer this."

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  1. Alas, Bowdu can relate to Maggie's somewhat leash aggressiveness. I think a lot of Shibas can!

    But we failed too... we didn't even have a chance to test Bowdu's leash reactivity because I LOST his leash on our way to the park! *sigh*