Monday, June 25, 2012

Shibas in Japan

In the Land of the Shibas, you see them more frequently as you would a Lab or Golden Retriever here in the U.S. Everytime we encountered a Shiba I made sure to take pictures and pose with them when possible.

A few interesting facts came to my attention about Japanese Shibas:
- many are unkempt and tied to their house
- they are kept as watchdogs outside
- some are very friendly while others are very guarded
- puppies in petshops can cost up to $1600

I'm sure that there are plenty indoor, well-groomed Shibas as well, but it seems that overall the Japanese actually keep Shiba Inus to guard their houses. Good to see that they are still useful to society!

Another surprising thing was that in Japan, they have breed-specific dry dog food. I found one for Shibas but could not bring it with me because it was in a big bag.

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