Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Crackdown on "Service Animals"


Finally, there is going to be some real enforcement on fake "service" animals.

I am strongly opposed to the idea of people falsely using their pet to go shopping at places like Safeway, Whole Foods, Walgreens, restaurants and other food establishments. Sure, our pets become close to us and vice versa, and for many, a kind of emotional support. It is very therapeutic to have our pets around us. But have they ever stopped to consider those who actually NEED these animals to live their day-to-day lives? Service dogs are trained to do specific tasks such as: switching on and off lights; opening doors; leading the blind through municipality; detect an oncoming attack; and many more that serves people with real disabilities or medical conditions. Bringing non-service dogs to these establishment not only undermines real service dogs' but put them in risk of agitating or disrupting them. There is probably a high probability of untrained (or poorly trained) dogs belonging to these individuals who fake service status.

If you are feeling empty or insecure and cannot go anywhere without your dog around, that may be something that need to be addressed with a therapist or within you. Non-service dogs should not be in places where they are not allowed.

"I am not a service dog; just a cute canine companion!"

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