Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day weekend fun! But better yet.....'s that time of year again!
Yes, folks, those of you who know it know it. The Shiba Party 2018 is creeping upon us!!
I am stoked to attend this year since I've missed all of the parties in the last 7 years, due to work and such. The first and only time I went was a bit of a bust....

The Shiba owners (like the dogs themselves) were not too friendly (or were very shy) that very little happened in terms of socializing and getting to know one other. I, in fact, was one of those people that kept to themselves. One of the reason was that Maggie was, and still is, leash-aggressive and any dog came up to her behind, she would snarl at. We kept a good distance away from all the others and never made it to the end of the party. I am excited to go back this year and see how much this event has grown over the years. The popularity of Shiba Inu has grown 10-fold thanks to the internet and all its doge memes. 

Circa 2013. At a dog-walking event in SF way back when. 
Maggie refused to make Shiba friends here.

This year I am committed to have fun and  to meet and get to know other Shiba Inu owners. Here's hoping that Maggie will at least tolerate all the other Shibas. 

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