Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Camping

This past weekend we camped with Maggie at Lake Chabot Regional Park in Castro Valley, CA.
It was a beautiful place with lush green trees and Eucalyptus everywhere. It was a perfect getaway; not too far or too close to the city.

Maggie volunteered to keep watch around our campground. She was extremely vigilant the whole time and woofed at other campers and at wild turkeys roaming in the area. It seems that everytime we are out camping, Maggie cannot relax like she does at home. We think that she didn't even enjoy her barbequed chicken because she was so busy keeping watch.

"Must keep watch at all times."

We also went on a long hike along the lake. It was a hot day so it was difficult for Maggie to keep up with us. Somehow she managed to do the whole hike which was about a total of 6 miles.

Hiking around Lake Chabot

The next day, we decided to go on a row boat (like the time in Yosemite) at the lake. Maggie was pretty much scared the whole time, sitting on our laps shaking and panting uncontrollably. She gladly got off the boat as soon as we embarked.... I guess it's not the same as playing around the shore.

"What an ordeal. I'm never getting back on that boat again."
It was a short but a fun camping trip, and Maggie is now glad to be home. I'm sure we'll do this again next year or maybe even sooner. Minus the boat ride.

All tuckered out.

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