Monday, July 9, 2012

Maggie's 4th of July

How was everyone's 4th of July? Maggie and family spent it at Del Valle Regional Park near Livermore, CA. It was close to 30 degrees hotter than what we are used to in SF and it actually felt like summer!! This was a perfect place for Maggie since the water was shallow and warm enough for her to splash around in.

 For Maggie, the main fun was diving into the Lake after a grueling hike under the sun in the arid valley. This time, we didn't even have to coax her into the lake; she just went trotting into the water on her own. She had so much fun fetching the ball and even swimming a little bit. She seems to be a bit weary swimming in the deeper waters, but she now knows she can swim! (and use her tail as a keel)

"Should I get those ducks or the ball...?"

"Who knew playing in the water would be this much fun?!"

Maggie resting in the shade after a swim.
Dogs are so much fun to be with outdoors in the summertime, wouldn't you agree?

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